Is There An Ideal Age To Have Kids


For the first time in years, the average age of first-child birth in women has risen to 30 years. People are waiting longer and longer to go into maternity, although, as we know, they end up with an average of 2 children. Another tendency that persists: pregnancies after 40 years, which had become rare in the 80s and 90s, come back to popularity. What do you think? What is the best age to have kids?

The ideal age for mothers

According to the survey of Mothers worldwide, 70% of mothers say the ideal age to have the first child is between 25 and 29 years. Today, in fact, this is not what is happening. What these young mothers think of is closer to what their own mothers lived.

Finally, their wishes are in harmony with the realities of medicine. At 25 years old, women are at the top of their fertility and there are fewer complications for the mother and the child.

Very young women don’t commonly become mothers, while older women are increasingly more likely to attempt the adventure.

Be ready

Another surprise of the survey, less than 1% of mothers surveyed considered that 40-year-old women were more able to accommodate a child. This probably has to do with the brain development of women and the stage of life they are at.

Among the conditions necessary to make a first child, the shared desire and the stability of the couple are put forward by the mothers. Catherine Bergeret-Amselek, a psychoanalyst, recalls that “The desired baby is not the baby decided. Today we are “starting” a baby, it is expected. Life does not work like that. Astrid Veillon added: “You can never be sure of the stability of your couple. ”

The ideal age for the child

The discussion then turns to the best age to raise a child. “Before 30 years, I could not have given my son what I give him today,” says an interviewed woman. I did not have the patience I have today, I had too much need to go out, to think of myself.

This raises many interesting questions, but we’ll leave that for another article.